Atomic Skunk's Alchemy is Funded, Mastered and Ready for Pledgers! 24 Hours Left to Pledge!

Ready :)

Hi Friends,

WE DID IT!! The new Atomic Skunk album, Alchemy reached its pledge goal and has been fully funded by you Atomic Skunk fans! Last week I sent the tracks off for mastering, received them back a few days ago and have been listening non-stop. It sounds AWESOME :)

So here's the deal. The tracks are READY. The official release date of the album to iTunes, Amazon etc. has not yet been set, but will most likely be in mid-April. There will also be a Limited Edition 6- Panel Digipak CD released around the same time. If you pledged on the album, you can download it TOMORROW - March 15, 2011.

So I'm giving a heads up to everyone that hasn't pledged. Even though we've reached the pledge goal, you still have another 24 hours to pledge if you'd like to download the album tomorrow and/or grab any of the cool exclusives still left. After that, the exclusives are gone forever and you'll have to wait along with the rest of the mere mortals until mid-April to get the album. So here's your last chance!

 Here are some of the items you can pledge on, although a measly $10 will get you a download of the new CD plus all exclusive pledger-only downloads and updates:

• Signed CD or signed album artwork print
• Flotsam and Jetsam - Pledgers-Only CD
• All 3 Atomic Skunk CDs signed
• Executive producer credit
• Complete Atomic Skunk Catalog on Unique USB Tree Branch Drive
• Your name in the credits! 
• An iPod Nano filled with all 3 Atomic Skunk releases plus packed with bonus audio material and graphics. How cool is that?

Thank you for your support :)

Rich Brodsky
Atomic Skunk



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