Be a part of the NEW Atomic Skunk album!

Dear Friends,

I'm very excited to announce that I'm teaming up with Pledge Music in anticipation of the release of my new album, the 3rd Atomic Skunk album. The tracks are finished and I'm starting the final mixes next week. But I still need to have the album mastered, have the artwork completed and then send the CD off for duplication, so I'm asking you to get involved in exchange for all kinds of cool stuff and exclusive access. Think of it as a CD pre-order on steroids, although even that doesn't really do it justice. 


Here are some reasons why you want to pledge and be a part of the new Atomic Skunk album :)

1. You can get all kinds of unique and cool things. Like signed CDs, the acoustic guitar used to write a lot of my music, a personalized track written for you, the complete Atomic Skunk catalog on a USB drive made from a real tree branch, CDs of exclusive unreleased older material, signed artwork, album credits…tons of cool stuff – just poke around for a bit and pick something!

2. You get all kinds of exclusive updates along the way – videos, MP3s, photos, artwork etc.

3. You’ll be supporting independent music and sticking it to the man!

4. A percentage of the funds raised will go to Brain Tumor research, so you’ll be helping out not only myself, but many others as well.

5. This is the cutting edge – the new frontier of the music business. You’ll be helping to pave the way for a whole new business model for independent artists, one that empowers the fan and uncovers all kinds of new and exciting art that may have never seen the light of day!

Also, you don’t pay a dime until the entire project gets funded, so it’s an all or nothing kinda deal and a win-win situation for everybody. Sound good? I thought so :)

Come join me and be a part of the new Atomic Skunk album!

Thank you so much :)

Rich Brodsky
Atomic Skunk


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