Lush soundscapes of beats, rhythms and voices

From the opening sounds of nature at the start of the album you know that the name Portal is a fitting title for this release because the listener is transported into Rich's lush soundscapes of beats, rhythms and voices that are woven together in such a way as to envelop the listener allowing them to leave behind their day to day existence for awhile and enter completely into his world. I am not always a fan of sound effects in music when the mixes are heavy handed and not blended gently into the surrounding music because it seems like they were tossed in as a gimmick with no real relation to the rest of the sound environment. I am happy to say that Rich has done an expert job as he moves from track to track with nature sounds and other samples acting as pauses between tracks that allow the mind of the listener to prepare itself for the next step of the journey.

It doesn't let you turn away, not for a second

When first hearing "Portal" the first thing I thought of was Andreas Vollenweider's " Down to the Moon" album (which is a gapless) the difference is that Atomic Skunk flows from beginning to end so flawlessly. Atomic Skunk truly takes you to different lands, different universes in the span of a little over an hour. With this well crafted piece of music it is truly audio brought to life. What I love about this album is how the journey begins and as it proceeds to another time and place, it doesn't let you turn away, not for a second.

Goddamn spiffy

The use of field recordings layered with washes of drone recalls BJ Nilsen tranquilised of noise for noise's sake. Tied together by intelligence, slice through the blankets of reverb and you have a silhouette structurally derived from Eno's laboratory. But that's forgetting the inner integreties of Rich Brodsky, aka Atomic Skunk. As he transforms New Age's sullied perfume, reclaiming authenticity from a genre expressively blunted by over-exposure to default options, presets and ingredients, "Portal", the title piece, is goddamn spiffy, with bristling acoustic guitar frequencies exploiting the comatose billboard; painting a backdrop that doesn't impair itself with a fetish to linearity.

Buzz and Reviews


"Portal opens quietly, the title track coming like dawn, introduced by nature sounds that blossom into a set of soft, rising chords. A sound like a muted steel drum enters to set up an easy beat and rhythm and we're off on quite a journey. Across the course of its eight tracks, Portal weaves through a very pleasing mix of fog-roll drifts and spacey uptempo grooves."

"Brodsky is clearly adept at layering sounds a bit at a time, building a piece to an apex--and then scaling it back to its base elements, making it work the whole time. "Nautilus" opens with wave sounds and watery burble, then drops in a perfectly timed lounge beat. It carries the feel of drifting quite comfortably down, away from the world, looking back up toward the surface without a care. You will get carried away by this one."

""Osiris" brings in a Middle Eastern flair, bolstered with an intermittent call-to-prayer wail. And again, Brodsky's potent beats will manipulate your body. With "Once More Around Ganymede," he thematically takes us to space aboard a craft constructed of the usual materials: sequencer bounce, airy washes, a slow melody and radio-crackle voices--all perfect spacemusic memes broght together in an excellent high-energy voyage that's one of the highlights of the disc."

"Brodsky shows an excellent feel for sound textures and manipulation throughout Portal. No treatment or addition seems too gratuitous. It all works, each new sound a syllable in his narrative. Portal is Atomic Skunk's second CD, and I can say two things: one, that I intend to go get the first release (Binary Scenes) and two, I'm looking forward to hearing more from Rich Brodsky, the well-named and very talented Atomic Skunk."


Atomic Skunk’s Got Atmosphere

"It doesn’t take much talent to hammer out an electronic track with drums and put a melody behind it. It takes much more effort to layer textures onto an ambient track with no obvert beats, but still give it a sense of movement and growth. Atomic Skunk (aka San Francisco Bay Area-based musician Rich Brodsky) does this in spades with “Binary Scenes”

"The album begins with the mesmerizing bells and pads of “Chronoswamp,” a zen-like reflective tune that oozes with warmth. “Liquid Dharma” adds the drama of rain and Indian tabla percussion with violin to the mix for a tropical rainforest experience, complete with female chant vocals. “Winter’s Gift (The Chamber)” is a sound narrative about one man’s trudge through snow into a warm room with a magic musicbox and a fire. “Frozen Neptune” is a cold, broad atmospheric piece built from windy sound effects and chimes. The only odd ball in the release is the humorous “Flying Spiders of Babylon” with its 1950’s science fiction kitsch, its skittering spider sounds, and its driving rhythm."

"It’s subtle, complex, and cerebral ambient music which thrills because it is able to exude such humanity. Download it and keep it!"

 Atomic Skunk: Free Music that Doesn’t Stink

Echoes Radio Blog: Michael Whalen & Atomic Skunk: Free Music that Doesn’t Stink
By John Diliberto

"The music is sometimes free-floating deepspace like “Suspended Ascent 1″ but he often infuses electronica grooves as the album moves from gentle pastoral guitar-strumming ambiences like “China Box” to cyclical bell-tones that recall Klaus Schulze’s “Crystal Lake” on “Chronoswamp,” but updating those retro sounds with glitched stutters. Those are two of our favorite tracks on Echoes along with “A Winter’s Gift.” The name Atomic Skunk kind of stinks (yuck-yuck), but the music on Binary Scenes, except for a couple of audio verité soundscapes, is mostly note perfect ambient, full of mood, unusual dreamstate shifts and psychedelic edges. You can buy a high-quality download, but he’s also offering it as a free download mp3 at 128k."

My Love for Music

My Reflection on Atomic Skunk's "Binary Scenes"Album
by Darren Keith

"Sometimes you hear music and it has to grow on you then there is music that as soon as you hear it it grabs you and you have to let people know about it...this is that music. I love ambient, downtempo music and Atomic Skunk has that surreal, haunting yet relaxing music that makes you take notice.

"He puts me in the mind of John Serrie when I heard Flightpath for the first time. This is the type of music that makes me kick back, light some candles, turn off all the lights on a weekend night and just let my mind just "be"."

From the beginning track, "Chronoswamp" you are embarking on a journey of peace and tranquility. I have not come across an album that I have enjoyed every track until this one."

"If Atomic Skunk keeps this up the sky is truly the limit. Just when I thought I was going to have to hunt for some good ambient/soundscape music, it falls in my lap...thanks Rich Brodsky.


Ethno-Ambient Psychedelic Soundscapes
By Bobby Kiln

"A month or two ago I came across this producer on Soundcloud (a kind of social network for serious musicians, that I've got an account with) who is making some really wonderful soundscapes and ambient music that just forces a headspace of chill & peacefulness. Some of the the tunes have a sense of melacholy about them but in the lightest meaning of the word.
Think Ultimae or maybe some of the more ambient Liquid Sound compilations.

So here a big up to Atomic Skunk. I don't know much about him (or maybe them?), or if he has much exposure, but I'm gonna make it my mission to get these tunes out to more people"


Atomic Skunk
By Stuartdmt

"Long lost little brother of Brian Eno's "On Land" with a dash of Larry Fast's "Synergy" and a few other obscure and tasty references (Jarre's "Zoolook" and OMD's "Dazzle Ships,") this is a nice ambient electronic album of rich textures and worthy sonic explorations. Check it out, give it a listen, enjoy it!"

Fan Buzz

 "Beautiful, thoughtful, spiritually moving. Bravo!"

"Wonderfully atmospheric and interesting music. This is my kind of ambient electronic as Atomic Skunk masterfully blends ambient recordings with intriguing musical ideas for a fascinating sound."

"GREAT Electronic music I recommend your music to anyone who loves eclectic electric."

"Thanks, already bought your excellent Binary Scenes album at the iTunes store, after listening to it on your site. Fabulous!"


"Its awwwwweeeesome! Actually your album made me grab my headphones, close my eyes and do nothing but listen and get lost in your music. I hadn´t done that for a long time. Cheers!"

"Feel like I've been traveling :) Nice Work!"

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