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And then Jon Anderson called  

While I’m in a Saturday morning bloggiing mood and I’ve had a lot of coffee, I might as well tell you guys this important story too. I am and have always been a huge fan of the iconic progressive rock band, Yes. Around the time I was finishing up Alchemy, I came across a story in my newsfeed about Yes touring without Jon Anderson and continuing to call the band Yes and how Rick Wakeman was taking Jon’s side and I too felt almost personally slighted by the fact that they would dare call themselves Yes…

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Where was Atomic Skunk? 

So where was I for the last seven years or so? Funny you should ask…… You may or may not know that I was diagnosed with a brain tumor back in 2001, I’ve had 3 brain surgeries (so far), did chemotherapy, radiation and went through a few different clinical trials. I am blessed to be under the care of some of the finest doctors in the world at UCSF and there has been no growth to my tumor for the last 3 years, for which I am incredibly grateful. The flip side of being the recipient of all this incredible…

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Alchemy SIGNED Limited Edition CD Pre-Orders - Extended until May 9! 

Hi Friends,

I've decided to extend the Alchemy CD Pre-Order period until May 9. If you'd like a signed copy of this limited edition CD, you've got another week to order!

Atomic Skunk

Alchemy Limited Edition Digipak CD

Alchemy Limited Edition Digipak CD
Pre-Order Available Now + Immediate Album Download

  • Very Limited Edition 6 Panel Digipak CD. Only Pre-orders  signed by Atomic Skunk
  • All Original Full Color Artwork by Michal Karcz

PRESS RELEASE: Atomic Skunk's new album, Alchemy drops Friday, April 22 (Earth Day) 


Atomic Skunk's new album, Alchemy drops Friday, April 22 (Earth Day).

San Francisco Bay Area based electronic musician Rich Brodsky, aka Atomic Skunk, will release a new album entitled Alchemy on Earth Day, April 22, 2011. The album features 7 all new original tracks, including an epic drone piece, over 24 minutes in length entitled, "Temple of Stars." Alchemy is Brodsky's third album, following on the heels of his first two critically acclaimed releases, Binary Scenes and Portal. …Read more

Atomic Skunk's Alchemy is Funded, Mastered and Ready for Pledgers! 24 Hours Left to Pledge! 

  Ready :)

Hi Friends,

WE DID IT!! The new Atomic Skunk album, Alchemy reached its pledge goal and has been fully funded by you Atomic Skunk fans! Last week I sent the tracks off for mastering, received them back a few days ago and have been listening non-stop. It sounds AWESOME :)

So here's the deal. The tracks are READY. The official release date of the album to iTunes, Amazon etc. has not yet been set, but will most likely be in mid-April. There will also be a Limited Edition 6- Panel Digipak CD…

Be a part of the NEW Atomic Skunk album! 

Dear Friends,
I'm very excited to announce that I'm teaming up with Pledge Music in anticipation of the release of my new album, the 3rd Atomic Skunk album. The tracks are finished and I'm starting the final mixes next week. But I still need to have the album mastered, have the artwork completed and then send the CD off for duplication, so I'm asking you to get involved in exchange for all kinds of cool stuff and exclusive access. Think of it as a CD pre-order on steroids, although even that…

Portal Limited Edition CD Pre-Orders Now Available :) 

  • Very Limited Edition 6 Panel Digipak CD. Only Pre-orders  signed by Atomic Skunk
  • All Original Full Color Artwork by Michal Karcz
  • Immediate album download in your choice of High Quality 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.
  • Exclusive 25 min. "Live" Bonus Track Download "Ambartsumian's Knot" 
  • Shipping Worldwide

Click Here to Pre-Order Portal

"Definitely the contender for best ambient album of the year."
- Bobby, (Apr 08,

Happy Autumn! 

  Dear Friends,

Thank you all once again for your kind words and healing vibes surrounding my surgery this last summer. I have healed well, my hair has grown back and I'm feeling great :)

I'm writing and producing a lot of music these days for Atomic Skunk album #3. You can listen to the rough mixes of some of these tracks by clicking on the image below:
  Skunk Album 3 Rough Mixes  
I have also decided to release…


 Without a doubt, the single biggest factor that has allowed me to market my music and grow a fan base has been social media. As Ariel discusses in her book, the days of the static "brochure website" for a band or artist are over. In order to survive these days, an artist must reach out to his fans and engage them and the rise of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have created opportunities for musicians (and independent artists in particular) like never before.

I've been on top of this for a…Read more

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