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 Without a doubt, the single biggest factor that has allowed me to market my music and grow a fan base has been social media. As Ariel discusses in her book, the days of the static "brochure website" for a band or artist are over. In order to survive these days, an artist must reach out to his fans and engage them and the rise of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have created opportunities for musicians (and independent artists in particular) like never before.

I've been on top of this for a…Read more

MSI9W - Week 3: Optimize Your Website 

 On to week 3! This week is all about optimizing my website. I'm pretty familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from my internet marketing experience, and I've optimized many sites selling everything from web hosting to baby strollers, but I never really applied my SEO knowledge to my music website. Ariel covers 5 golden rules for band/artist website optimization. I'll go through each one and make sure I'm covered.

1. Add Your Pitch to Your Homepage
This is a great idea. I've added my pitch, both as my…Read more

MSI9W - Week 2: Creating The Perfect Pitch 

 OK, WEEK 2, "Creating the Perfect Pitch" here we go....... I feel like I'm back where I started, because this is how I first discovered Ariel in February of 2009. She was running an "elevator pitch" contest in which she was asking artists to create a 15 second pitch that offers a unique selling point to potential fans and provides them with some kind of compelling context to pique their interest. A great example of an effective elevator pitch is Leftover Salmon's "Polyethnic Cajun Slamgrass." 3 words and…Read more

MSI9W - Week1: Goals 

 Goals. I have a hard time with this one. Musically, I tend to let things evolve organically, try to stay out of my own way and really allow my compositions to progress the way they want to. I may gently nudge and push things in a certain direction, but like my grandfather always used to say (insert thick Yiddish accent here): "Don't force it, you'll break it." So I don't and it's worked out well for me - musically that is. In terms of marketing and PR, I find that I have to put on a different hat and…Read more

Ready for a new challenge :) 

Within mere minutes of arriving home from the hospital last week, my trusty and now indispensable Droid started humming and buzzing, heralding the arrival of an all caps email entitled: "THE BLOG CHALLENGE 2.0 IS HERE!". Not one to back down from a challenge these days, I decided to explore further.

The email was from one Ms. Ariel Hyatt, who runs a music PR firm known as CyberPR. Ariel first appeared on my Twitter radar back in February 2009, just as I was getting ready to release my debut CD, BinaryRead more

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