Where was Atomic Skunk?

So where was I for the last seven years or so? Funny you should ask…… You may or may not know that I was diagnosed with a brain tumor back in 2001, I’ve had 3 brain surgeries (so far), did chemotherapy, radiation and went through a few different clinical trials. I am blessed to be under the care of some of the finest doctors in the world at UCSF and there has been no growth to my tumor for the last 3 years, for which I am incredibly grateful. The flip side of being the recipient of all this incredible western medicine is that I started to notice some side effects from the various treatments I had…..cognitive and memory issues.

After finishing Alchemy and then Wintermuse in 2011, I would try unsuccessfully to start new musical projects, but it became increasingly difficult for me to remember how all the software worked/how to update all my plug-ins etc, much less find my creative process again. Most of my attempts to make music ended in frustration, so after a while I just stopped.

Then last Fall, things very slowly and gradually started to improve for me. With the help of some cognitive behavioral therapy, good old western medicine, mindfulness, meditation and some of that fine Northern California Cannabis, I was able to calmly work my way through technical issues, clear away some of the cobwebs of confusion and rediscover my creative process. Once I was able to complete a track, I knew things would be ok. I’m in a really good head space right now, my creative juices are flowing, I have a new album due to come out soon and I am ecstatic to be back making music!

I have no idea what the future holds for me, but then again, none of us do. I’m just grateful for the opportunity to take this ride and anyone that wants to come along with me is welcome 🙂